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Expert Instructors

High Standards

  • Only 3% of tutor candidates are accepted

  • 3-5 years of teaching experience

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher

  • SAT/ACT/GRE scores above the 95th percentile

  • Qualifications met through teaching skills assessment by PSA

Stellar Teaching Skills

  • Strategic curriculum and teaching approach

  • Adaptable to various learning styles of students

  • Personable and mentor-like

  • Continually evaluated by both students and supervisors

Mr. S. V.

BA, Stanford University

"I love to teach because education is so essential and to teach is rewarding for both teachers and students. Knowledge is its own reward as well as a practical necessity. To help my students is not only a privilege, but also something I enjoy."


Ms. P. D. 

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

"I enjoy opening students' minds to new ideas and concepts. It is also very fulfilling to help each student reach their full potential!"


Ms. N. K. 


"I love to teach because it reminds me of the times when I was in elementary and Jr. high. The best part about teaching is when my students overcome their previous misconceptions about math or English, and actually want to learn, correct their mistakes, and master new material. Inspiring students in their critical time of growth motivates me and is a priceless experience."


Ms. M. L.


"It is definitely a rewarding experience. Interacting with students in their formative (intellectually) and impressionable years gives me a sense of responsibility - it is up to me to teach these young adults correctly, as best as I can, and when I observe actual learning taking place, I know that I've made a difference, however slight that may be."

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