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Oxford Academy Acceptances of 2024

Updated: May 1

We'd like to congratulate our students who were accepted into Oxford Academy for the 2024 - 2025 school year. This year, we broke our record again! SIXTY-FIVE students from PSA received acceptance to Oxford.

Whether it was the 18 or 12-week course, online or in-person, what really mattered was that students were diligent in PSA's curriculum and put into practice all the techniques taught by our teachers. PSA's Oxford Prep Program takes place every year, starting in the summer with supplementary classes. The official course starts in September. Helping students get admitted into the prestigious Oxford Academy is our specialty, and we've been doing this for over twenty years!

We're very proud of the difference we've made for these students in their future academic careers and for their families as well. We wish all of our students the best as they embark on a bright future at a school that challenges them to achieve new heights and prepares them for success in college and beyond.

PSA Students from the Cypress School District admitted into Oxford Academy (15) :

Amber Buharie

Andrew Choe

Ashika K.

Edward Lee

Irene Yi

Jaishnaa Rajagopal

Mary Kang

Reyansh Mishra

Rohan Parashar

Sai Ratnala

Shaarvi Chaurasia

Shreyash Shrestha

Vedya Rao

Vishvesh Girish

 Wyatt Lee

PSA Students from the Centralia School District admitted into Oxford Academy (5) :

Angeline Nguyen

Arjun Karthikeyan

Brandon Chiem

Chen Binuya

Kyle Charoen

PSA Students from the Anaheim School District admitted into Oxford Academy (16) :

Bella Nguyen

Celina Nguyen

Harvey Chan

Hayden Patel

Julie W.

Katherine Le

Kelly Luc

Khainam Truong

Liahna Calica

Milan Pham

Omnia Alrawi

Richard Nguyen

Ryan Nguyen

Tabor Tran

Thaarunika I.

Victoria Pham

PSA Students from Other School Districts admitted into Oxford Academy (25) :

Aaliya Goyal   /   Aanay Gandhi

Abigail Son   /   Akshay N.

Angeline T Nguyen  /   Aspenn Grill

Avyan Singh   /   Benedict Broas

Daniel Qiu   /   Eimaan Aneesh

Elizabeth Lin   /   Isaac Lin

Jackson Alexander   /   Kevin Liu

Kimberly T. Nguyen   /   Leo Tran

Lina Hong   /  Maggie Shen

Risha Gupta   /   Sarvesh K.

Shiwoo Lee  /  Timothy Dang

Tina Wei  / Tony Chen

Yena Hong

PSA Students Waitlisted (4):

 Anaya Patel

Aarna Indrakumar

Celine Lee

Shreyash Shrestha


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