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Important Dates and Announcements


SAT Classes

6/11 - 8/8/2024

Oxford Writing Prep Classes

6/12 - 8/9/2024)

*Currently accepting registration for

Whitney Test Prep (starts 8/16 for 16 wks)

Oxford Test Prep (starts 9/9 for 18 wks)

Summer Classes for Jr High/High School

6/3 - 8/9/2024

Summer Classes for Elementary

6/10 - 8/9/2024




SAT / ACT  Courses


Why Perfect Score Academy (PSA)?

Every year we bring real, amazing results: improved grades, increased self-esteem, and effective study habits. 

Proven Results

Top Test Scores
  • Average SAT score increase of 300-400 points

  • Average ACT score increase of 6 to 9 points

  • Average Oxford / Whitney entrance rate of 80%

  • ALL PSA students score highly on the SBAC test

  • PSA students score 4's and 5's on ALL AP exams

Top Grades
  • 90% of PSA students see grade improvements within the first three months

  • 90% of PSA students raise a whole two to three letter grades by the next semester


Several Open Books


I can trust PSA with my daughter because they are so individualized. They considered the entire profile of Catherine – her future goals, GPA, report cards, high school courses, prospective colleges. PSA truly helps parents and students by catering to their needs.

— Rachel Munn, Catherine’s mother

Thank you so much PSA for all the hard work you did to take care of my daughter. She got in to Oxford!
I really like how PSA maintains a high standard and supports each and every one of their students.
— Mrs. Li, mother of 6th grade student​​

The individualized attention I received at Perfect Score Academy even in a group setting helped me

to gain an in-depth understanding of algebra and geometry.

— Vicky Luan, 9th

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