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How & When to sign up for Oxford & Whitney Test Prep?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Starting early is key. Why? Learning takes time, it relieves pressure off students, and PSA prep classes are fully booked every year. After-school & summer classes at PSA help students as young as 4th grade to get and stay on the track for the Oxford & Whitney entrance exams.

Take advantage of the summer before entering 6th grade.

  • Math & English Group Classes during summer: Students can take classes during this time to grasp a strong understanding of the 6th grade standards. By doing this, school will be a breeze while students can fully benefit in PSA's fast-paced, above grade-level, preparatory course.

  • Writing Prep for Oxford & Whitney during summer: Many students love to read and excel in math already. However, most struggle with writing essays. It takes a lot of practice to break off bad writing habits and even more practice to write well-developed essays. So, we recommend getting an earlier start to becoming a better writer.

Oxford & Whitney Test Prep Courses:

  • 18-week Course (classes start early September)

  • 12-week Course (classes start mid October)

  • 7-week Crash Course (Available for last-minute sign-ups)

* We recommend signing up 2-3 months before the class starts to ensure availability in the class and schedule that works for you.

Class Options:

In-Person Group Class / Online Group Class / Private 1 to 1 Tutoring In-Person or Online


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