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Oxford Academy Acceptances of 2023

We'd like to congratulate our students that were accepted into Oxford Academy for the 2023 - 2024 school year! This year we broke our record and had FIFTY-FIVE total students that received acceptances this year. They prepared for the Oxford Academy exam in our PSA Oxford Prep Program that takes place every year starting in the summer and in October. Helping students get admitted into the prestigious Oxford Academy is our specialty and we've been doing this now for the last twenty years!

This year Oxford's entrance exam had some changes that were not expected. Certain sections of the test were harder than before and yet Perfect Score Academy qualified 1/4 of the total number of students that were admitted into Oxford this year.

We're very proud of the difference we've made for these students in their future academic careers and for their families as well. We wish all of our students the best as they embark on a bright future at a school that challenges them to achieve new heights and prepares them for success in college and beyond.

PSA Students from the Cypress School District admitted into Oxford Academy (10) :

Anshika Ravipati (Landell)

Dharineesh Nandagopal (Landell)

Hannah Buitrago (Arnold)

Jaden Adhavan (Landell)

Katelyn Hong (Luther)

Noah Son (Morris)

Riya Singh (Landell)

Sajal Gurung (Morris)

Snigdha Gundlapally (Landell)

Vinisha Suva (Landell)

PSA Students from the Anaheim School District admitted into Oxford Academy (8) :

Aarush Patel

Ameen Alrawi

Arianna Panaitescu

Belle Perea

Evan Padilla

Sofia Sy

Tom Chu

Vincent Vuong

PSA Students from the Centralia School District admitted into Oxford Academy (10) :

Abbie Park (Los Coyotes)

Arthur Wei (San Marino)

Ashley Jun (Los Coyotes)

Madelynn Hong (Los Coyotes)

Merek Husted (Buena Terra)

Rubhan Kumar (San Marino)

Sachi Patel (Los Coyotes)

Shiven Patel (Los Coyotes)

Trisha Gyawali (Miller)

Victoria Yoo (Los Coyotes)

PSA Students from Other School Districts admitted into Oxford Academy (23) :

Aaryav Jain / Adit Jain

Anna Tran / Armaan Kumar

Austin Chua / Avelina Tesoro

Brent Bang / Camelot Tran

Celina Dinh / Ethan Santos / Evelyn Truong / Ian Cho

Niha Goel / Mason Wu

Keerat Bhatia / Nina Huh / Rohail Mithani / Ronak Dhillon / Sam Shao / Soleilie Chau

Sophia Tong / Victoria Tran / Yeshaya Lang

PSA Students Waitlisted (4):

Sabal Adhikari / Jessica Murphy

Moxin Chen / Nikita Pramod


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