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Oxford Academy Acceptances of 2022

Updated: Mar 13

We'd like to congratulate our students who were accepted into Oxford Academy for the 2022 - 2023 school year! We had a record of thirty-nine students who received acceptances this year. They prepared for the Oxford Academy exam in our PSA Oxford Prep Program that takes place every year starting in the summer and in September. Helping students get admitted into the prestigious Oxford Academy is our specialty and we've been doing this now for the last twenty years! We're very proud of the difference we've made for these students in their future academic careers and for their families as well. We wish all of our students the best as they embark on a bright future at a school that challenges them to achieve new heights and prepares them for success in college and beyond.

PSA Students from the Cypress School District admitted into Oxford Academy:

Alaisha Singh (Landell)

Annie Yan (Vessels)

Brandy Xia (King)

Carol Huang (Landell)

Daksh Kothari (Landell)

Elina Pattanaik (Miller)

Joelle Kim (Arnold)

Krisha Mehta (Landell)

Lauren Park (Arnold)

Lucy Zhang (Landell)

Nathan Liu (Landell)

Riya Dara (Morris)

Shreya L. (Landell)

Sriya Vedantam (Landell)

Thomas Le (Vessels)

Udhayan S. (Landell)

Victor Zhang (Landell)

PSA Students from the Anaheim School District admitted into Oxford Academy:

Brian Le

Brianna Le

Calista Ann Paguyo

Cassandra Laureta

Hannah Duong

Isaac Saldivar

Jordan Kim

Kaya Villapando

Kyle Liyanage

Matthew Nguyen

Nathan Nguyen

PSA Students from Other School Districts admitted into Oxford Academy:

Aileen Luo

Alex Iihara

Alistair Wu

Aryan Sharma

Hibiki Suzuki

Kali Karimi

Nicole Kim

Twisha Arora

Rachel Sharma

Sophie Duong

Sourish Mehta


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